Are You A Candidate For Regenerative Therapy?

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Chronic pain and tissue injuries can take a real toll on your life. While our bodies are designed to heal themselves, sometimes they need a little boost. Regenerative medicine is an advanced form of therapy that treats a wide range of conditions. Now you can reduce your need for prescription pain medications and even avoid surgery with the trusted team at Integrative Pain and Wellness Center.

Regenerative therapy includes methods such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), umbilical cord-derived products, amniotic fluid allografts, prolotherapy, and exosome therapy. Dr. Matthew Barker and Dr. Melanie Gray are pleased to offer these treatments for patients in Southlake, TX who want to speed the healing process in a simple and noninvasive way. Contact our clinic to schedule your evaluation and learn more.

Regenerative therapy explained

Doctors usually relieve chronic pain through prescription medications and invasive surgery. Instead of simply managing symptoms, regenerative medicine focuses on improving your body’s healing response. For example, platelet-rich plasma delivers growth factors that repair damaged tissue and address the root cause of your pain.

Regenerative medicine has gained quite a lot of attention in recent years, especially from people who are not interested in conventional surgery. This is because operations often lead to extended recovery and downtime. Others suffer from conditions that prevent them from having safe surgery. Using noninvasive regenerative therapy, you can avoid surgery and return to your active lifestyle more quickly than ever before.

Conditions treated through regenerative therapy

Chronic pain affects millions of men and women each year. Joint pain, for instance, is a symptom or side effect of aging, disease, or tissue damage. Regenerative therapy is intended to restore damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone and to prevent pain from interfering in your daily activities. The experts at Integrative Pain and Wellness Center can treat common conditions, such as arthritis, torn or ruptured tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

Patients dealing with chronic pain should schedule an evaluation with Dr. Barker or Dr. Gray. During this appointment, we fully assess your health and medical background to determine whether regenerative therapy is beneficial for your needs. We then work to create a personalized plan for treatment in Southlake, TX.

Regenerative treatments we perform

Integrative Pain and Wellness Center offers several treatments to reduce pain and improve your quality of life. Our therapies include:

  • Platelet-rich plasma: platelets taken from your own blood are injected into the damaged areas for tissue repair.

  • Prolotherapy: a safe substance, such as Dextrose, is injected into the damaged area that causes an inflammatory response. Your inflammatory cells bring all of the cells needed to help restore the tissue.

  • Amniotic fluid allograft and umbilical cord-derived products: donated amniotic fluid contains helpful nutrients and growth factors that treat damaged tissue.

  • Exosome therapy: This product contains lipids, messenger RNA, micro RNA, and proteins that restore tissue.

Avoid surgery and heal naturally

Integrative Pain and Wellness Center is proud to offer regenerative medicine that accelerates your natural healing processes to restore health and function. These game-changing treatments revolutionize how chronic pain and certain injuries are treated. To find out if you are a candidate for platelet-rich plasma, amniotic fluid allografts, prolotherapy, or exosome therapy, meet with Dr. Matthew Barker or Dr. Melanie Gray. Our clinic in Southlake, TX is dedicated to your overall health and wellness.

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