Can Regenerative Therapy Help Ease Arthritis Pain?

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As is apparent by our name, the expert physicians at Integrative Pain and Wellness Center integrate many diverse treatment strategies to help you achieve an optimal outcome in Southlake, TX. Daily aches and pains, whether caused by musculoskeletal issues, injuries, chronic conditions, or anything else, are some of the most common problems plaguing countless millions. Yet regenerative therapy offers a safe and effective way to treat these numerous woes while avoiding surgeries, drugs, and other inconvenient methods.

Instead, our treatments rely on your body's unique ability to heal and regenerate. So contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation with Dr. Melanie Gray and Dr. Matthew Barker!

Can regenerative therapy help ease arthritis pain?

Absolutely! Regenerative therapy can be one of the most effective treatment strategies for various patients because it utilizes your body's healing processes. There's no surgery, no scarring, and it doesn't require any side-effect-causing drugs that treat the symptoms rather than the root of the problem. Additionally, there's no downtime since we're not causing any short-term damage, as would result from surgical procedures; it's quite the opposite, since regenerative therapy inspires body-wide rejuvenation at the most fundamental, cellular level.

These advantages make it a potentially game-changing modality for the many patients dealing with a wide range of injuries, conditions, or pain. These ailments include arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, bone deterioration, joint injuries, and everyday aches and pains, among other issues.

Which are some of the regenerative therapies offered at Integrative Pain and Wellness Center?

One of the most well-known regenerative therapies is platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. It's an autologous treatment, using your cells to aid in your recuperation without the risk of causing a bevy of negative side effects. It's a straightforward procedure that involves us drawing a bit of your blood and purifying it through a fast-spinning centrifuge. Once we've isolated the most biologically active healing factors, we inject the purified plasma into troublesome body regions.

Another therapeutic method, known as prolotherapy, works in a similar but slightly different way. It involves injecting an irritant to kickstart your body's cellular renewal. We employ a mixture of dextrose along with a mild anesthetic, which we inject into the targeted areas, whether it's the joints, ligaments, tendons, or other often troublesome body parts that cause people much consternation.

The irritating effect is positive because it initiates your natural inflammatory response. And while inflammation may not sound desirable, as it's associated with negative consequences, it's actually part of the body's healing process. Far from causing harm, it boosts your biological healing mechanisms to regenerate tissues and birth new cells to aid in healing, improving function, increasing mobility, and decreasing pain.

What's known as exosome therapy is another option for patients suffering from life-hampering injuries or aches and pains that never seem to go away. Exosomes are packages created and released by your cells, and their effects can be altered through proper stimulation. These effects can be influential in various ways, impacting inflammation, cell signaling, and other functions to potentially enhance recovery.

Find pain relief and increased healing outcomes through regenerative therapy

Lingering aches and pains, injuries, or chronic conditions afflict countless millions with their life-hampering effects. Daily discomfort and decreased function can make it impossible for many individuals to excel at their daily tasks or enjoy their favorite activities. This is why our experienced Drs. Melanie Gray and Matthew Barker are excited to offer regenerative therapy, an effective approach that utilizes your body's own healing processes. Just reach out to us at Integrative Pain and Wellness Center to see how we can best help you in Southlake, TX!

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