How Does Regenerative Therapy Help With Pain Management?

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When it comes to treating or managing pain in Southlake, TX, Dr. Matthew Barker, and Dr. Melanie Gray use regenerative therapy for their patients. At Integrative Pain and Wellness Center, we use this therapy to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself and for pain management. We offer various nonsurgical in-office procedures that use a patient’s own blood and cells as surgery alternatives. Our team works hard to solve your pain and healing problems with natural treatments.

Regeneration is the natural process that the body uses to repair itself from an injury. Just like with a cut, when platelets rush to the area to help you heal, regenerative medicine uses the same process to use more of your cells to initiate a stronger healing response. Regenerative therapy works by improving the body’s healing properties and growth factors to both target and repair the source of your pain. At Integrative Pain and Wellness Center, we treat a variety of injuries and guide our patients to a healthy life with little, if any, pain.

Who is the best candidate for regenerative therapy?

People throughout the Southlake, TX, area who have injuries that aren’t resolving on their own or with pain that isn’t responding to other treatments will benefit from regenerative therapy with Dr. Barker or Dr. Gray. To determine if it is suitable for your injury, schedule a consultation at Integrative Pain and Wellness Center. For patients with blood clotting disorders, this may not be the best treatment for you. Once we have completed a full medical assessment, we can create a personalized treatment plan that suits your needs.

Types of regenerative therapy offered

At Integrative Pain and Wellness Center, Dr. Barker and Dr. Gray offer different regenerative treatments that aim to reduce pain and improve our patient’s well-being. Some holistic regenerative therapies we offer include:

  • Amniotic fluid allograft: Amniotic fluid comes from donations and is full of helpful nutrients and growth factors that are important for cell regeneration.

  • Exosomes therapy: This injection uses product derived from umbilical cord tissue and Wharton's jelly. These exosomes are messengers that tell your cells how to repair themselves successfully.

  • Platelet-rich plasma: This comes from a patient’s blood and is used to create a substance that is injected into the body to reduce pain or help damaged tissues repair themselves.

  • Prolotherapy: A non harmful substance, such as dextrose, is injected into the body where the damaged tissue is to irritate it. This will cause the body to create an inflammatory response, which brings more cells forward to work on repairing the area.

During a consultation, Dr. Barker or Dr. Gray can determine which of these regenerative therapies will work best for your problem.

Learn about holistic ways to relieve chronic pain

When you’re suffering from an injury that won’t heal after a long time, Integrative Pain and Wellness Center can help. Regenerative therapy works to accelerate your body’s healing response. Dr. Matthew Barker and Dr. Melanie Gray specialize in using these holistic therapies to improve their patient’s health significantly and quickly. It also has helped our patients avoid surgery for their injuries. To schedule an appointment at our Southlake, TX office, call our professional team today to learn more.

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