Southlake, TX | OMM (OMT) for Bed Wetting: Patient Testimonial | Integrative

This video is of a patient of ours who gives her testimony about the OMM Procedure for bed wetting.


Paige: Hi, I'm Paige. And I just wanted to share a little testimony of how Dr. Barker has really helped us as a family. I was referred to this office by my therapist who gave me Dr. Barker's name and she referred him to us. And we came and I shared with Dr. Marker that my son had had trouble with bedwetting, and he is now 13, almost 14. And so this has been going on for years and something that we have gone to urologists about. We have talked to several doctors, including his pediatrician, and every road basically came to a dead end. We never did get any help with it. And so he just had to continue to wear night pants and just deal with it. And it's kind of been very difficult for him, and it's just not an easy road.

Paige: When we got done with our very first appointment with Dr. Barker, it was really pleasant. There were definitely some areas of tenderness in his, pelvic region. And we went on with our day. And then a few days later, I asked my son, "Have you had any trouble with bedwetting since we've been to Dr. Barker?" He said, "I wore a night pant that I think has been dry." He consistently had dry nights, and then we had his tongue tie release surgery, and he stopped wearing night pants all together.

Paige: And so for about six weeks now, he's had completely dry nights, and that is a complete testament to the power of releasing the fascia and just working on all those meridians and all the things that Dr. Barker does. We are super excited, and I feel like this is much more important and more relevant than I realized. I didn't even really understand any of this, and now I'm realizing it's incredibly important. Thanks for letting me share and definitely go see Dr. Barker.