Southlake, TX | Testimonial for Tongue Tie and TMJ Disorder | Integrative Pain and Wellness

Listen to one of our patients describe how Integrative Pain and Wellness Center helped her. This patient had Ankyloglossia (aka Tongue tie) and suffers from TMJ disorder and neck pain.


Speaker 1: Okay. So can you tell us what brought you into Integrative Pain and Wellness Center?

Speaker 2: Well, I found Dr. Barker when Dr. Cotes... I'd seen Dr. Cotes for my TMJ, and she suggested that I would see Dr. Barker to help with my... to relax my muscles in my tongue and my neck, shoulders, which I didn't know after I'd seen him. Not only has he really helped relax my muscles in my tongue, because I had tongue tie and he assisted with Dr. Cotes in releasing my tongue tie. It helped released, which I never would have thought, but he released this in my ear and my neck and my shoulder.

Speaker 2: So really when I came to see Dr. Barker, he'd started, I thought something very simple with helping with my tongue tie and releasing my muscles in my jaw. And here now I'm finding out that he could actually release the muscles that were from my ear, which your ear's actually attached to your jaw and your tongue, which is actually attached to my neck and my shoulder. Well, I think that all actually releases all the way down to your toes, could be wrong, but I don't know. I feel really good. He's totally helped with getting my ribs back into place. It's just amazing on how he could release. I don't know how he does it.

Speaker 2: But I have to see him every week because I have had my tongue tie surgery, I think three weeks ago. And as many exercises I can do that they've given me, he is so much better on getting in there and actually releasing on the outside, on the inside, and in my shoulders. I never even knew it was all adjusted. If I have a ringing in my ear who would've thought it's TMJ and something's out of line and I'm having a tight muscle, but Dr. Barker has released all of that. And I'm just going to continue to go with him to keep everything all loose and maintain because this is the best I ever have felt.

Speaker 1: That's awesome. What kind of relief did you get right after your tongue was released? What did that feel like?

Speaker 2: Wow. Well, I almost... I say that I kind of felt like I was a fish that was snagged or I was a person that was on a hook. And when that got released, it literally released, I could feel my whole shoulder and my neck get released. And then when I'd seen Dr. Barker, he actually released it more because I think as it healed, it tightened back up a little bit. The fascia, I think is what it is. But he released it more to where it really has released my tongue mobility that is tight. So the tongue tie released all this that was tight and a little bit of this side, which I didn't even know.

Speaker 2: Growing up with tongue tie, I never even knew that I was in this much pain. Now that I am out of pain, I'm so surprised that a person can be this happy in life because I have been happy ever since that surgery and staying released, I know is going to be very, very important for the rest of my life. And I'm just going to maintain and continue to do whatever he tells me to do.

Speaker 1: So how long have you been in pain?

Speaker 2: Well, I'm 57. I've had TMJ since I was in my 20s. So let's say it's 30, 40 years now, I have been in pain. I didn't know I was in pain because I didn't know any better. I have a few spine. So a lot of times they would say, "Oh, it's just your spine. You're having problems with your back." Well, it wasn't. It was a tongue tie and these tight muscles and I never would've known that the tongue tie actually even gives you the headaches and gives you the clogged ears or gives you the... I mean, I didn't know I was eating and swallowing food wrong and here having tongue tie, I've learned how to do everything so different. I'm trying to learn how to talk even different because my tongue is actually there. And then I love seeing Dr. Barker because when I come in, he releases even more. And then I get this, just you can breathe better. It's pretty amazing.

Speaker 1: And we're so glad you're feeling better. Thank you.

Speaker 2: Thank you.