Southlake, TX | Practitioner Highlight: Anthus Women's Clinic | Integrative Pian and Wellness

Anthus is a multi-specialty clinic opening in Midland Texas that supports moms before, during, and after pregnancy! Listen to the founder explain her vision for this beautiful space.


Shauna: Hi, my name is Shauna Cloyd and I'm owner and founder of Anthus Midland here in Midland, Texas. And I just wanted to introduce you to myself, and to this beautiful space for moms. The idea behind it is that it's a place where collaborative care can be found to serve pregnant and postpartum mamas. So, everything from your childbirth class, to a breastfeeding class, to a parenting class, lots of workshops and educational things to help prepare you and get you ready. But then, your providers are in here too. You've got your lactation consultant, your massage therapist, your chiropractor, your DO, a sonographer is in house, we've got pelvic floor therapy. We have so much to offer you. Beautiful boutique where there'll be wonderful maternity items available to you. Please come and see us, come check us out at Anthus Midland. We'll be opening in November 2019.