Southlake, TX | Practitioner Highlight - Dr. Allen Sprinkle | Integrative Pain and Wellness

Dr Allen Sprinkle is a holistic dentist who is passionate about helping patients feel better. He sees patients with Dr. Barker at TMJ Plus in Grapevine where they do guided tongue and lip tie releases together.


Dr. Allen Sprinkle: Hi, I'm Dr. Allen Sprinkle. I'm a dentist in practice here in Grapevine and in Arlington. And I've had the great pleasure of working with Dr. Matt Barker for the last year or so in working with airway problems on patients, patients that have difficulty sleeping, whether you're sleep apnea or chronic head and neck, facial pain, postural issues. And working with Dr. Barker's kind of like having a seeing eye dog. I can go in and do functional frenuloplasties on patients and frentonomy on their lips and things. And it may look good to me, but having Dr. Barker there to have his hands on the patient and feel the tension in her head and neck and shoulders and face and say, "I think you need to do a little bit more on the left side," has just been a godsend for me and my patients. And I just can't thank him enough for being a part of my practice and helping my patients.