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Meet Dr Matthew Barker. Dr Barker is the founder of Integrative Pain and Wellness Center in Southlake, TX. Learn why he decided to become a doctor.


Dr. Matthew Barker: I'm Dr. Matthew Barker owner of Integrative Pain and Wellness center in Southlake, Texas. And I just wanted to share with you why I became a physician. When I was a teenager, probably around age 14 or 15, I started suffering from low back pain, neck pain, and headaches, and I sought relief. And I initially started going to chiropractics and massage therapy. And those modalities definitely helped me to have freedom of pain and be able to stay physically active. I was doing a lot of sports and I was really interested in using those same skills to help other people. And that's what first led me down this pathway of going into healthcare. And initially I wanted to go into chiropractics, I was really interested in the musculoskeletal system, in athletics, and being able to help people without necessarily just resorting to medication. During my training in kinesiology at Arizona State University, I learned more about osteopathic medicine, and the different things that are available, and osteopathic manipulative treatment and how as a DO I could actually specialize in osteopathic manipulative treatment, do a lot of the things that chiropractors are trained in, but also a lot of things that medical doctors are trained in, and combine that into a holistic approach to treating my patients.

Dr. Matthew Barker: And that's when I switched routes and then became an osteopathic physician. And my whole goal is to help patients to get better, to meet their health goals, to optimize their health while minimizing the side effects of treatment. So I hope that you can come to Integrative Pain and Wellness Center and learn more about what we're doing and how we can help you.