Southlake, TX | Patient Testimonial: OMT for Neck Pain | Integrative Pain and Wellness

Listen to this patient tell how Integrative Pain and Wellness Center helped her with Neck pain, Joint pain, Peripheral edema, and COPD.


Speaker 1: So Lynn, how has Dr. Barker helped you?

Lynn: I was referred to him because I had multiple problems. But the first day he came, I had a pain that went from my shoulder down to the middle of my arm. I had been to an orthopedist. I'd been to a neurologist. I'd been to a cardiologist and a sports medicine. None of them could find the problem. And Dr. Barker was here. He took care of it. It never happened again. And I had a lot of swelling in my feet. I couldn't get shoes on. And from then I could get shoes on. I still have swelling, but never has it been that bad. That was just the first day. Okay. Can you go on with something else? Ask me another question.

Speaker 1: Yeah. What else has Dr. Barker helped you with?

Lynn: Helped me with my breathing. I have COPD, and emphysema and asthma, and he has helped me get clear lungs, more capacity, by manipulating, I don't know what he did but he did it, and he continues to help me get some of the edema out of my feet. He always works on that and knees and ankles.

Speaker 1: And would you recommend Dr. Barker to your friends or family?

Lynn: I already have to several, yes. I would definitely. In fact, my family has come and he helped my son.

Speaker 1: Very good. What's your favorite part about working with Dr. Barker?

Lynn: He makes me feel better. He gets me better. It makes me get younger.

Speaker 1: Well, thank you, Lynn. Appreciate it.