Southlake, TX | Patient Testimonial for Vertigo and Neck Pain | Integrative Pain and Wellness

Listen to this patient tell her story how Integrative Pain and Wellness Center helped her control her debilitating vertigo and get her life back!


Speaker 1: Okay, Ms. Carrie, first question is what brought you in to see Here at Integrative Pain and Wellness?

Ms. Carrie: Well, it's been a good four, almost five years since I've known Dr. Barker. I was actually referred to him from my sister, which we knew him from another doctor, and that's how I met Dr. Barker. But I came in because I had vertigo from a previous DO that screwed my neck up. So, he basically has undone all that and helped fix the problem.

Speaker 1: Okay. Do you mind kind of going into detail about just some of the symptoms of severity of it and what's like change now for you? How better you're feeling?

Ms. Carrie: Well, like I said, about three or four years ago, when I saw this other doctor my neck was probably off by about three degrees and anteriorly rotated. So, it was completely screwed up and it was right at my C1 and basically it was debilitating. I had to quit my career, it ruined my entire 20 year career as a personal trainer. I had to quit everything, school, you name it and it really ruined my life essentially. I mean, I had vertigo that was very obviously uncomfortable and scary. I had severe anxiety attacks, had pain, didn't know, understand what was going on, and didn't even know that I had that bad as far as the misalignment of my neck. I didn't even know what was really causing it. It was just such a sudden thing that came on, but I knew there was something wasn't right. And then of course, Dr. Barker had brought... Well, I went and saw another person to help, like an orthogonist, to help find that problem with an x-ray. And he can only help so far because he dealt specifically with the C1.

Ms. Carrie: So, at that point, when I said I found Dr. Barker through my sister, he ultimately is the one that's taking it to another level and has worked on the entire body and help balance me back out, got the proper lift as far as the right foot, and help to make, you know, not just my neck, but to help realign my muscles and it kind of helped bring back my confidence and my strength again. I've been able to exercise and resume, I finished school over a year ago. I was able to get my career back and do something totally different now and help other people once again. So, it basically restored my life and things that I haven't been able to do for a very long time.