Southlake, TX | Unequal Leg Length | Integrative Pain and Wellness

See how an unequal leg length can cause pain and lead to increased wear and tear in the body.


Speaker 1: Do you suffer from low back or joint pain? Did you know that your pain could be caused by an unequal leg length? What? Unequal leg length is when one of your legs is shorter than the other. This can happen as we grow or it can be a result of surgery. Here's an illustration of how an unequal leg length can affect your body. It is similar to an un-level foundation beneath your house. If your foundation is off, you will eventually have walls start to crack. You could get the walls patched up, but the cracks would keep coming back until you fix the underlying foundation problem. An unequal leg length causes increased wear and tear on your joints and can cause a muscle tightness, pain and osteoarthritis. This increased wear on your joints could even lead to the need for a back surgery or joint replacement.

Speaker 1: If you have wondered why your pain keeps coming back after getting treated, then this could be the answer. Dr. Barker treats the cause of the problem by screening you for a leg length inequality, confirming the diagnosis by x-ray and then, fitting you with a heel lift. He also uses osteopathic manual treatment to address the compensations that have occurred in your body due to the unequal leg length. Call today to schedule an evaluation or visit our website to learn more. Proudly servicing the DFW Metroplex and Midland-Odessa, Texas.