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What is the O-Shot?

Also known as the orgasm shot, the O-Shot is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical procedure that is offered to enhance vaginal health, increase libido, and improve your sexual experiences. Performed utilizing platelet-rich plasma (PRP), this all-natural treatment uses the regenerative properties of your own blood to encourage the production of collagen in the vaginal tissue. The O-Shot is a successful and beneficial treatment for women of all ages who suffer from decreased libido, pain during sex, lack of sensation, or other issues. At Integrative Pain and Wellness Center, our skilled physicians will meet with you to learn all about your concerns and goals and craft a personalized O-Shot treatment plan to achieve your ideal outcomes. If you're looking for a natural, holistic way to improve your intimate wellness and experiences, reach out to our office in Southlake, TX and the surrounding areas of Midland and Odessa, TX and speak with Dr. Matthew Barker or Dr. Melanie Gray.

What Are The Benefits Of The O-Shot?

An O-Shot treatment plan can not only improve sexual function and enjoyment; it can change lives with benefits including:

  • Improving overall sexual function
  • Increasing lubrication
  • Tightening vaginal walls
  • Making orgasms easier to achieve and more powerful
  • Enhancing sensitivity
  • Promoting healthy collagen growth
  • Reducing urinary incontinence
  • Lessening pain during intercourse
  • No downtime


The O-Shot could be a wonderful procedure for women who hope to increase lubrication, vaginal tightness, and clitoral sensitivity. During your private consultation, one of our highly skilled physicians will listen to your concerns and goals and carefully go over your medical history to determine if the O-Shot is right for you. Since this treatment utilizes your body's healing properties to produce exceptional results, the chances for an adverse or allergic reaction are very slim. However, if you're currently breastfeeding, pregnant, or have an infection, this procedure may not be the best option for you.


After we lead you to one of our private treatment rooms, we will ask you to relax and recline back into one of our comfortable treatment chairs. A member of our team will draw a small amount of blood (typically four tablespoons) from your arm to create your personalized O-Shot solution. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge where the plasma and growth factors are separated from your red blood cells. As soon as your serum is ready, it is placed in a fine needle and injected delicately into the clitoris and upper vaginal area. To reduce any discomfort during your treatment, we will place a numbing cream on the injection sites. Once your session is complete, you will be able to resume your everyday activities.

What can I expect after the O-Shot?

There is no major downtime associated with an O-Shot treatment. You will be able to return to your normal daily routine immediately afterward. Results can start to become noticeable within a couple of days to a few weeks after treatment, with optimal results appearing around three months. For many patients, results can last for years, and touch-up treatments can be provided when needed. 

O-Shot FAQ

Does the O-Shot hurt?

Most patients report experiencing no discomfort during the procedure. Before your treatment, the area is numbed with a topical anesthetic cream to keep you comfortable. A small number of women report experiencing a slight pinch or stinging sensation during the procedure.

How soon do you see results from the O-Shot?

Some patients can see an almost immediate improvement in function and sensation. Most typically begin to notice results after 2 – 3 weeks, with optimal results achieved around 3 – 4 months.

How long do the results of the O-Shot last?

The results of the O-Shot can last up to three years for some women, but many opt to have a maintenance treatment at about 18 months.


At Integrative Pain and Wellness Center, our skilled physicians and wellness specialists are thrilled to offer innovative solutions to improve and enhance your sexual health. The O-Shot has helped many women all across the country by elevating their intimate experiences, boosting sensitivity, and increasing vaginal tightness. To learn more about this holistic, naturally derived treatment, contact our office in Southlake, TX and schedule your consultation.

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